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Old 09-06-2016, 05:58 PM
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Question Help plz identifying an unearthed NOS LTD GL 500-T

Hi guys, new on the block. Joining the ESP family, and hoping to tap into your awesome pit of fine knowledge.

I was really fortunate to be able to snatch just a couple of weeks ago this new old stock GL500 T (mint, never played!) from a French store that was closing down. Only old guys care for this kind of axe nowadays I guess haha. Got a good deal, much cheaper than the GL 200 out now. I was slightly worried about the neck, being a Jackson guy, used to great heel access, 24 frets and grown comfortable (lazy? nah) on a 24 3/4" scale, as I had read reviews that said it was a bit chunky, but it feels perfect to me, and the satin finish is great. The burst is the best Tiger (to my taste) that I have seen, and I'm happy to finally get my hands on a Tiger, brings back so many memories.

I am puzzled by a couple of things though and would welcome your help. As far as I know, production years were 2001-2002. The serial doesn't look like others I have seen, where the first 2 digits display the year, but I am told that early series used a different numbering system, clues anyone?.

Also the bridge is unlike all other GLs that I have seen, which always had the "regular" kind of patented Floyd, this one (obviously Korean licensed too) looks more like an Ibanez LoPro. I have done research on the net and have not seen one single pic of the Tiger with this bridge, could this confirm it to be from a very early series? or what's the deal?

As far as I know the body is supposed to be alder, I can tell by looking at the lacquer in the light that it's made from 4 or 5 pieces of wood, not so much a surprise or issue on a painted guitar in this range, but somehow it feels slightly heavy, which surprised me from being alder?

There is only one slight issue which is that the tip of the banana headstock is a bit warped inwards. Certainly has to do with the wood grain at that precise point, and years upon years of storage, and maybe the wood not being completely dry and sealed at the time of construction? I loosened the strings for 2 weeks and the headstock has straightened out quite a bit, not completely yet. I suppose it won't affect anything considering the locking nut, but I'm wondering if this is a typical issue with banana headstocks? anybody had a similar issue? should it require some luthier intervention in case it's fixable at all?

I suppose I will put in a brass block to replace that horrid zinc junk, and maybe noiseless springs. Haven't been able to plug in yet, as the rest of my equipment is in another country at the moment... but just ordered an Atomic Amplifire, and hoping to get screaming Lynch tones out of it (Tips on that are welcome too ).

Wondering about the Duncan Designed pups, anyone have the specs on those? can't find that info anywhere. I might upgrade to Mr Scary pups, but maybe it won't be needed. Anyway, so much more beautiful than in the pictures... and this Lynch fan since '83 is happy...

Tons of questions, I know. Any help appreciated. Thx dudes.
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