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Default Tapping while the left hand holds a chord

Hi! Here is Lick #1 from the new series, “The Four Seasons Guitar Licks”.

The first lick is from the song “Awake”, and you can listen to this tapping theme from 01:33 of the EP here:

Here is the TAB, and I’ll tell you the details below.

In this technique, it’s all about holding a chord with your left hand, and bringing in additional notes with your right hand. The key of this theme is Bb major. Just hold the first chord, which is a Bb major triad, and then tap the 19th fret on the G string. Then release this note by pulling of with your tapping hang, and behold - the original chord tone is ringing again, still fretted by your left hand. So you basically hold the chord and don’t release it at all.

From bar 5, the new chord is a Cm9, which is a minor chord with the added 7th and the 9th of the C minor scale (Bb and D). The technique is the same - just tap the next note, indicated with a “t” sign in the TAB above, and then release it and let the original chord tone ring. That’s it - I wish you happy experimenting with this technique!
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